Trish Rock is a Peace Coach, Psychic, Mentor and Best-Selling Author. Her new best-selling book: The PEACE Process-Tools To Align & Prosper – takes you on a journey of remembering your innate greatness and genius, exploring Parallel Realities where you already ARE the person you want to be, and creating the reality you desire without any old sabotaging patterns stopping you from achieving success on your own terms. She mixes a little bit of practical with a little bit of woo woo in the 5 Steps of The PEACE Process to empower you to live your best life! Trish has been changing lives for over 40 years and is dedicated to helping millions of people across the planet to see their potential and live their best life through her 1-1 sessions, group programs and life changing 8 week womens circle- Peace, Purpose, Potential. Find out more here:


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15 January 2024