Greg Keily

Greg is a Fully Licenced, Clinical Mental Health Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Unconscious and Super Conscious Mind Coach offering Identity Alignment, Brain Resistance Re-Coding, Family Entanglement Release plus ongoing development for clients all over the world. Everything he does is based on the Universal Laws, Science, Quantum Theory and Quantum Mechanics where his client’s results are simply amazing. Using this Revolutionary Magnetic Mind Method of Removing Resistance and Blockages that are getting in the way of client’s enjoying a life they truly love, this “Open Session” will allow you to do just that in a matter of minutes. Incorporating this inspiring technique in Mental Health programs offered through How’s Your Head Space, the results are very impressive and allow clients to “Align” themselves with their True Choices and True Purpose without any Unconscious self-limiting resistance that has been restricting them their whole lives. Join in as Greg explains how his techniques work, what drove him to his life’s True Purpose and also learn a great technique to remove negative emotions, negative thoughts, sickness and illness from our body and energy.


Posted on

2 May 2023