Online 23 Oct – 3rd Nov 10am-6pm

Discover How To Go To The Next Level of Healing with Inna Segal. Best-Selling Author of The Secret Language of Your Body.  

Awaken The Healer Within, Level 1 is a foundational course for people who understand that to go to the next level of healing and transformation they need to first face their painful childhood traumas, their mental, emotional, and energetic limitations and learn a multitude of tools required to transform every area of their life.  

During this comprehensive 10-day program, you will learn powerful techniques, processes, and higher wisdom which will not only enable you to look at the pain, trauma and suffering you have experienced, but to deeply heal, let go and transform the patterns, beliefs, and emotions that have been holding you back. 

You will discover how to:

Connection to the Divine & protection
Tune into Your Body
Remove and Install Beliefs
Work with spiritual Archetypes
Transform the etheric health of your organs
Understand the Shadow & Light Archetypes
Work with Archetypal Transformation Processes
Release trauma with the Triple Warmer Meridian Process
Learn how to work with the Sacred Symbols of Your soul
Discover how to Clear relationship and pain Cords most effectively.
Bring healing to and re-parent your Inner Child Archetype
Discover the power of working with the Soul & the Spirit
Work with strengthening your Etheric Body
Release limiting and ancient Agreements
Understanding More About Colour
Activating Your Etheric Hands and perform miracles.
Discover why your Astral Body is your Greatest Pharmacist
Release old stagnant Soul Fragments and regain new healing ones after painful situations.
Awaken your Etheric Vitality
Discover the two sides of Ego and why you can use it to create the most profound healing and awaken your Higher Self.
Transform your Victim Archetype into Victorious one that leads to success!
Perform Space / House Clearing and more
Work deeply with the 7 Chakras 

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    May 2025