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Reclaim Your Freedom: A Series of Empowering One-Day Events, Cultivating Connections and Empowering Choice!

Brought to you by Laura Di Mambro, the visionary behind Conscious Life, and Allona Lahn, Natural Health Advocate. A series of one-day free community events on the stunning Sunshine Coast, where music, thought-provoking speakers, and local businesses converge. 

Advocating all aspects of Freedom – from the power of choice to medical freedom, and everything in between. A thriving community of like-minded individuals discovering support, innovative solutions and freedom

  • Speakers
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    Market Stands

  • Community
  • Family Friendly
    Peaceful Marches

  • Clean Healthy Food
    & Drink Options


During 2021-2022, we created a series of free community gatherings under the ‘Freedom Fest’ banner in the idyllic Cotton Tree on the Sunshine Coast.  

These extraordinary events weren’t just about promoting freedom; they were about rallying together during the trials of the times. 

Family-friendly and open to pets, each event was a powerful testament to unity, a haven where kindred spirits met amidst the chaos, sharing their knowledge and determination.




Over the course of 2021-2022, two dynamic forces, Laura Di Mambro – Conscious Life, and Allona Lahn – Natural Health Advocate, created a series of seven one-day free community events.

Each event was a peaceful and enjoyable day in the midst of uncertainty. These gatherings were not merely platforms for knowledge-sharing but also beacons of hope, providing practical solutions during the upheaval of those challenging years. 

With speakers spanning various industries and musical talents, these events were a celebration of like-minded individuals joining forces for the cause of freedom of choice.

The family and pet-friendly events saw thousands of people turn out, offering support and connection to each other. These events also supported various businesses, selling products and services throughout the day, when their physical businesses were forced to close.

A choice of healthy food and beverages was always on offer, creating a day filled with joy and family-friendly fun.

Silent and peaceful marches took to the streets with the support of both the local police and the community. In a remarkable show of solidarity, an estimated 17,000 individuals took part in a November 2022 march, symbolising a day of connection and empowerment that resonated deeply with all who attended.

Our Speakers & Musos...

We were incredibly honoured to have some amazing individuals standing up and sharing information at a very difficult time. Offering solutions to help and support so many.

With thanks to our speakers : Jason Miles-Great Australian Party, Jamie McIntyre – Australian National Review, Senator Malcom Roberts, Allona Lahn, Adam Gibson- Parents with Questions, Joe Natoli – Councillor Div 4 , Michael Simms-MMAMV, Steve Dickson, Matt Jordan – Jab injuries, Jandamarra Cadd, Diedre- Voting Matters, Dee Abell -Stand up and Vote,  Jason Reynolds-The Quantum Movement, Dr Sandeep Gupta, Margaret Gilbert – NPAQ, Paul Seils, Danielle Trebilco, Andrea Newland-Blackmore, Dr Andrew McIntyre, Sam Clarke, Dr Eddie Osbourne, Wendy G- Nurse, Simone Matthews – QHPA, Karen McElroy- QHPA, Dinnawhan, Gerard Traub, Nadia K, Nick Rutland,Heather Reiss-James, Fiona Oakley, Julie K, Wendy Daniel

With thanks to our Musos : Ziggy Alberts, Tay Oskee, Lucy Gallant, Boi & Eskae, Lou Van Stone, Marco Debie, Caroline Trengrove, Raw Ordio, Syren Song, Phil Barlow, John Veloso, Monkey Feet, Jay Bishoffs Trio, Jonny Mew, Felix Gaborit, Ollie Murk, Paul Seils


What people are saying about our events...
Always my favourite festival of the year attracting like minded souls to share their wealth of spiritual knowledge & experiences. A nurturing space to facilitate growth on our individual journeys.

– Crystals by Gabrielle
What people are saying about our events...

Thanks Laura! It was a fabulous event, so much needed after the last 2 years of chaos. So uplifting to catch up with past students, friends practitioners, performers and reconnect. Well done.

– Christine Maudy
What people are saying about our events...

I was blown away on the weekend. You did an absolutely phenomenal job with the festival, especially considering the last moment pivot. It was incredible. I was also amazed by the feedback I had for my seminar and Body Interpreter stall too. Lots of wonderful like-minded people.

– Camille Walrath
What people are saying about our events...

I just wanted to drop you a line to say THANK YOU! You do an amazing job and have created a truly special festival. I have been an attendee for many years, but I think this year’s setup was fantastic.

– Jody Shipway
What people are saying about our events...

I’d like to say thank you for organising and allowing us to be a part of the fantastic Conscious Life Festival. We appreciate all the work that you have put into the event and we appreciate you looking after us and for doing your best to keep everyone happy. We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and hope that we may join you again in future events.

– Holographic Kinetics
What people are saying about our events...
A big thanks for all your work dedicated to making this wonderful festival happen. For all of the Festivals you organised, I have enjoyed to the fullest their vivid atmosphere full of community spirits and also made good success in the financial aspect. I am keen to join your next events and hope you count me in!

– KOHKI Therapy Australia